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Debbie began with a career as a registered nurse. She spent 23 years in healthcare, serving 6 of those years in the USAFR Nursing Corps. Her healthcare experience included critical care nursing, health administration, and pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Over the years, Debbie watched as her beloved America was transforming into a destructive, misled nation.  Determined to take action on behalf of faith, family and freedom, she began a second career during which she has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to government initiatives:  public policy, grassroots leadership roles, legislative employment, and managing political campaigns. Debbie spent 8 years with Americans for Prosperity on a national level as a Regional Director; she worked as a legislative aide during the 69th general assembly of the Colorado legislation; and most recently was hired as Assistant to the President at Family Research Council (FRC) where she spent 2 ½ years growing in faith. During Debbie’s time at FRC, through coalition building, her path crossed many times with W.I.N.  Debbie admires the dedication of the entire W.I.N. team and their commitment to supporting Judeo-Christian values upon which our country is founded.  Debbie proudly STANDS with W.I.N.’s vision – When We Show Up, We Win!

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